Tuber Music via 9app is one of the biggest platforms for unlimited online music available at free of cost. The application presents you the best catalog of music by exporting the tracks from Youtube and sources all over the internet. You just need to enter the name of the album, artist or music band you want to hear and the dedicated sections of the application will present you all existing collections relevant to the searched query including the mashups, original, instrumental karaoke, acoustic versions etc everything ever composed with the searched query.

For example- if you give an artist name, the application delivers you the top-rated songs of the artists as well as full collections of his/her songs till date so that you don’t miss out anything. The number of choices you get through this application is much more compared to the other apps. If you are looking forward to saving your device space without cluttering with too many downloads, this is the best platform to here the exclusive collections of songs online.


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Features of  Tuber Music Application

1.Unlimited Music

The application allows users to stream as many music tracks or albums they want without any restrictions for free. The only requirement is a strong unlimited wifi connection and you are free to explore its extensive music library.

2.Intuitive UI

The application features an intuitive and organized UI with a material design having plenty of valuable suggestion and searched results. The interface s divided into three sections- Youtube, Playlist, and Channel. The top part features the search bar. Whenever a user searches for a query there, all existing collections gets displayed in these three sections for easily achieving the targeted result.

The YouTube section gives access to existing YouTube audios related to the search, The Playlist section gives access to the numerous played tracks by the user while the Channel section gives access to the music channels related to the audio including news videos as well.

3.Floating Pop-up Player

The application provides a multitasking environment to the users with the help of its floating pop-up player that easily lets you navigate between other applications playing the audio in the background as well as drag the floating pop up to the home screen like an Mp3 player without entering the application’s interface.

4.Downloading Feature

The application is not just an online streaming platform but also provides an opportunity to the users to download any music tracks they like from the application’s interface in desired resolution through its vast library and extensive recommendations solve all the purpose of downloading music tracks with its online playlist.

5.Music Discovery

The application keeps the users updated with its exclusive collections of trending numbers, top 100 songs from Billboard and ITunes, latest trending chartbusters in YouTube platform and many more sources so that you don’t miss out anything. It even lets user identify which singer is currently trending in the market to hear of his/her latest hits.

How to Download Tuber Music

  1. All Android users need to download Tuber Music application from the third party source. The APK file can be downloaded from this website 9apps fast download.
  2. Users need to install the file by enabling the ‘Unknown Sources’ from Settings.


Tuber Music is a must downloaded for all individuals who can’t go on without music.

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