Spouse Visa Dubai – Fees, Requirements, and Other Information

Spouse Visa Dubai – Fees, Requirements, and Other Information

If you are planning to relocate to Dubai with your spouse, you need to know the Fees, Requirements, and other information. You should also know the minimum salary requirement and any work bans. If you want to apply for spouse visa UAE, you can easily complete the process online by visiting an office or connecting to any best visa services company like Docman. Once you have completed your application, it takes just 3 days for it to be approved. You will receive a confirmation email or SMS after submitting it. You will not need to physically visit the GDNRD office to collect it. Let us have a look at some important points of spouse visa Dubai:


If you are planning to sponsor your spouse and children in Dubai, you will need to pay a certain amount of money. These fees vary, depending on whether you are sponsoring two or three family members. Moreover, you will have to pay a certain amount of money for a file-opening charge. This fee is applicable whether you are sponsoring your spouse visa UAE or children for a period of one year or for a period of five years. A residence visa for a spouse can be issued within 60 days after the applicant has been granted an entry permit.


The UAE has changed the requirements for sponsors of family members. A sponsor is now required to have at least AED 3,000 and proof of salary. If a man is not a citizen of the UAE, his wife can sponsor him. The wife must be earning a salary of at least AED 5,000. If a wife makes at least AED 10,000 per month, the Dubai immigration rules may be more flexible in the profession of the sponsor. The husband and wife must be in a marriage contract.

Spouse Visa Renewal Dubai Steps and Cost

The steps to obtain spouse visa renewal Dubai are as follows:

  • You only need to submit a few documents as well as fees to the UAE immigration penalty fees system to process a renewal visa.
  • To sponsor your spouse, you must first have a valid UAE residence visa.
  • For the purpose of renewing a residence visa, a few important documents are needed, including utility bills, a marriage certificate, an updated ID card from ICA, and a spouse’s passport.

These steps might be challenging for you. However, do not worry. Docman is available for your assistance.

Spouse Visa Renewal Cost Dubai

  • AED 25/ day for the first 6 months
  • AED 50/ day during the next 6 months
  • AED 100/ day after passing the year and so on.
  • Overall, you will need to pay almost AED 4000 to obtain a UAE residence visa that is valid for 3 years for your spouse. This comprises the price of Emirates ID as well as the cost of medical tests.

Minimum Salary Requirement

When it comes to getting a spouse visa in the UAE, the minimum salary requirement is no longer the same as the salary requirement of the sponsor. The UAE government has changed this. In addition, the spouse sponsorship now requires a higher annual income than the initial sponsor does. If you are thinking about getting a spouse visa in the UAE, at least you should earn AED 3000.

Documents Required

Before applying for a spouse visa, you must make sure that you are financially fit to sponsor your wife’s immigration to the UAE. Whether you are applying for a new status or a change of status, it is important to prepare all the required documents. Read on to learn more about these requirements and how to get them. Then, prepare to meet the immigration authorities.

The first document you will need to prepare is a sponsor UAE ID card. This can be obtained from the UAE Embassy in your home country or from the UAE’s Foreign Affairs department. Next, you will need to submit an EJARI certificate accompanied by a copy of your passport and last-paid electricity bill. If you are employed with the government or in a free zone, you will also need an original salary certificate.

Apply for Spouse Visa UAE with Docman’s Assistance

Getting a Spouse Visa UAE can be very difficult. You must adhere to several conditions set forth by the government. If you succeed in completing this difficult task, a spouse visa cost in Dubai ensnares you. The length of time it takes to process a spouse visa for the UAE can also increase the difficulty. Sounds awful? Do not take it personally. We will not allow any inconvenience to occur while Docman is here for you.

  • You must submit all the necessary paperwork to the Docman visa processing company to obtain a new spouse visa or renew an existing one.
  • Once we have received your records, we will proceed to submit your visa application online.
  • Once your application has been approved, you will get an email or SMS telling you where to go to get your visa stamped.


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