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Thank you for your interest in writing for Shahtechworld. We are always looking for passionate and talented individuals to contribute useful, interesting and informative articles to our site.

We cover a wide range of topics. You may go to our categories page to get the full list of topics for better understanding. We also welcome your suggestions.

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Write for us – technology guest article guidelines

If you would like to write and submit a guest article to ‘Shahtechworld for potential publication, that’s great. Thanks for considering!

Before you write and submit your article for my review, here are some guidelines to boost your chances of approval and make your content faster to approve.

Some guest post guidelines

  1. Include a small paragraph crediting yourself as a conclusion. Make it interesting.
  2. should have a minimum of 1000 words
  3. should not be self-promoting.
  4. Please check plagiarism, the article should be 100% Unique and no grammatical mistakes accepted
  5. The article must be in MS Word.doc File format and attach One or Two Images Copyright Free minimum 1000 px wide
  6. Affiliate Promotional links in your content are not permitted.
  7. we accept sponsor posts only with do-follow links
  8. Your article must be original work that hasn’t been published elsewhere. No copy-pasted articles from anywhere else, even your own site.
  9. If your article is accepted, in its entirety it should not appear elsewhere (such as on your own blog).
  10. I like internal linking, so include a link one or two to a relevant post on my blog. You may also link out to other relevant posts on the web if you like.

1. Can I share my contribution on Shahtechworld?

Ans. Yes we are always looking for newly contributor who are really want to share their knowledge with good knowledge of technology write for us

2. Should I pay for my guest contribution?

Ans. Yes if your content idea is informative and it is under our contribution guideline then it should be payable as per content quality assesses by our editor team.

3. How can I find best technology guest post sites?

You can search advanced search operator using following queries for best technology guest post site

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