Monitor Windows PC Remotely Using Software

Monitor Windows PC Remotely Using Software

Monitoring Windows PC or any other remotely and secretly is a daunting task. If targeted person detect that someone is trying to hack their data and the hacker/ tracker is their own guardian/owner, so its effects on trust relation directly. But as time is technically growing so fast, which is putting bad impacts besides positive impacts.

Everyone has quick and easy access to anything of the world through internet connectivity. Although we are well aware of positive and negative things some of us go on the wrong side and indulge in inappropriate things.

While considering these things, there are more advanced spy software’s that offers such tools which hiddenly track targeted person all activities. TheOneSpy keeps a leading position as it is the first choice of millions of people. Here we will discuss some important factors about computer monitoring app to know how TOS monitor windows PC.

TheOneSpy Windows PC Software

TheOneSpy gives preference to the user’s privacy, which is the main factor that matters a lot for people. Besides that, its features add to its value, which spies stealthily without making any noise. In business or home, people use different models and versions of PCs, but TOS helps users with all windows and PCs compatible software.

Its installation process is also so simple like user just needs to visit a site and get the subscription of a suitable plan. Then, by following the TOS instructions, a user can install it in a targeted PC within 3 minutes. After that, the user becomes able to monitor live activities and perform an action like remotely blocking, access to any app or any mobile information.


Advance Features of TheOneSpy for Window PC Spying

TheOneSpy surveillance tools hack all activities from the targeted device according to the user’s instructions. It is almost impossible that the targeted person can know about the hacking of their activities. That’s why people blindly trust on such powerful featured based software as it helps users for the long term. Let us look at the usage of some advanced features of TOS for Windows monitoring.


Block websites

With a block website feature, a user can;

  • block inappropriate/ harmful content-based sites remotely on a single command.

Browsing activities tracker

With browsing activities tracker, a user can;

  • Track all visited sites.
  • Monitor all bookmarked links.
  • Have a look at emails as well.
  • Monitor Facebook logins too.

GPS Location Tracker

With GPS location tracker, a user can;

  • Monitor live location of targeted PC.
  • Get a history of weekly, monthly, and yearly GPS location of targeted PC.

Screen Recorder

With a block screen recorder, a user can;

  • Set instructions for automaticmobile screen recording of any activity.
  • Record all videos for 1-minute only.

Camera Bug

With camera bug, a user can;

  • Monitor all captured photos and videos by targeted PC camera.
  • Watch the live surroundings of the targeted person in real-time.

Mic Bug

With Mic bug, a user can;

  • Bug on surrounding voices.
  • Bug on two-way communications, gossip and whispering as well.

PC Keystrokes

With PC keystroke, a user can;

  • Get all secret account passwords and usernames.
  • Monitor secret keys whether typed during using social media accounts, email or any game.

Screenshot taker

With screenshot taker, a user can;

  • Take an instant screenshot of any activity.
  • Send command of taking screenshot automatically when the user does any particular activity.

Mighty Alarms

With mighty alarms, a user can;

  • Set alarms on any or all activities of a targeted person on their PC.

History report maker

With history report maker, a user can;

  • Get any particular history.
  • Get all activities history that is performed by the targeted person.
  • Send a request to make a report with the exact time and date of activities.

Pricing of TheOneSpy Windows PC Software

TheOneSpy offers 4 unique and advanced packages in a computer spying plan. As TOS offers discounts often,these days it is offering up to 50% discount on all computer spying packages.

TheOneSpy Windows PC software prices after discount:

  • 1-month package price is $40.
  • 3-month package price is $60.
  • 6-month package price is $80.
  • 12-month package price is $110.


Finally, we concluded that software to monitor Windows PC is an amazing software which tracks any PC in real-time. It does not take any break to provide information. Its powerful tools accurately work and enable the user to decide on reliable information.

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