How To Resolve The Issue Of Netgear extender Not Connecting To Internet

How To Resolve The Issue Of Netgear extender Not Connecting To Internet

The Netgear range extender is among the best way when you want to increase the range of your Wi-Fi connection and get rid of the poor connectivity issues. The moment you are going to set up the extender, you are going to get an extended range of Wi-Fi. 

You will also be getting this all with the safe and sound network connection. The extender has all the capabilities in which they can amplify the existing signals from the router. This range extender is going to help you reduce all your efforts that there are in setting up the Wi-Fi. 

Although there are a lot of issues that the users are going to face while they are going to install the extender. There are many reasons why that could be happening. If you are also experiencing the Netgear Extender not working issue, then you sure have landed on the right website. 

This is because there is no single solution to this issue. In order to resolve this issue, there are many ways through which you will be able to resolve it. This can happen when you have made some changes in the settings of your extender or your router. Although the reason could be different which is why you have to try different methods to resolve the issue. 

Here are some of the ways through which you will be able to resolve the issue in no time:

Modem or Router Issue:

Most of the time, the issue is always related to the internet. This means that you must check whether you have a working internet connection or not. The issue could also be with the Wi-Fi Adapter’s drivers.

If you want to know the real cause behind it, you need to connect other devices to your router such as Android smartphones. Check whether or not you are able to connect it. If you find out that the device is working, then the issue is with your device. 

It could be because it is corrupted or might be having some other issues. Also, if the Wi-Fi is not connected with any of the devices, then it means that the router is faulty. You need to restart your as well as your modem to make sure that you resolve the issue. 

The way to boot up the router is to power it off as well as your modem. Plug out all the wires and then wait for a while. After that, plug back the wires in and see whether or not your Wi-Fi is working or not. If this is still not working, then go to the next step. 

Set up extender accurately:

One of the other reasons for this issue might be the partial Wi-Fi range extender setup. It could be the case where you have made cable connections in a poor way. This could be because the placement of the extender is not proper. This could also be because of the login details that are filled incorrectly. 

All these issues are responsible for the partial extender setup. These are the reasons why you are not able to get internet access using the extender as well. 

Make sure that you are installing the extender correctly so that you can enjoy the seamless services of Wi-Fi. In case, you are not able to do so, then you can also take help from the official Netgear support. 

Check lights on the modem:

Well, there might be some cases where a broken cable of the internet might lead to these issues. When the internet service is interrupted or there are some issues that are because of your internet service provider.

You might wonder whether how you can figure out whether it is the Wi-Fi-related issue or it is because of the internet service provider? Well, what you need to do is to check the DSL light as well as the internet light on the modem. 

If you see that the DSL light is on, then the issue is not with your service provider and there might be some wiring issue. But if you see that the light is flickering, then it is the time when you must get in touch with the internet service provider. 

Disabling windows firewall:

When you are using an operating system whose firewalls are blocking the internet connection on your PC, then you can face this connection issue. The firewall is going to help the users to protect the data stored in the PC from all the unauthorized users over the internet. 

There are at a time when the firewall is going to block the connection that you might be using. So, it is suggested that when you are using the internet, make sure that you have disabled the firewall. It can be done through the firewall settings. 

What you need to do is to open the control panel in your PC and then click on the option of windows firewall. After that, you need to click on the option of Turn off the Windows Firewall. This is going to disable your windows firewall and you may no longer face Netgear Extender not connecting to the Internet issue. 

The outdated wireless mode:

The speed of the internet is entirely wireless access that is being used by your router. Well in case if you are not able to connect or are connected and there is no internet, then there are chances that you are using the slow and old wireless mode. 

Among the latest internet modes is 802.11ac. Make sure that you are using this wireless mode and there will be no Netgear Extender Not Working ever again.

A final thought:

Hence these are some of the steps that you need to follow in order to make sure that the Netgear extender is not working perfectly. If still, you are not able to use the internet, then you must consult with the official Netgear services.

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