Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing Technology

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing Technology

Every new technology that comes to prominence has always made the life of humans better. Right from the ancient ages. Remember, the time fire was first discovered by your ancestors to cook food. And then came the wheel. Now, it is digital payments and internet of things. Are you a person who keeps a keen eye on the scientific developments happening in the world? Then, you may know new technologies are sweeping every industry sector. In fact, these new technologies have brought significant and better changes in the industry sector. The names of some new technologies are machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and internet of things. In this article let us focus on the benefits of artificial intelligence in manufacturing technology.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

In very short words, you can describe this new technology as a program which can act and do tasks similar to humans. Of course, this will involve only very simple tasks.


Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing Industry

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Before we go to the main subject, let it be known that there exist some industries where new technologies take time to make a mark. For example, the healthcare industry. It is not that the health industry does not have intelligence professionals. It is just this industry is more concerned with the health and life aspects of human beings.

And when it comes to the travel industry, every new technology in town is embraced with open arms. Similar to the travel industry, it is the manufacturing industry, which has always welcomed new technologies. Oh, is it a wrong statement? Maybe. The reason, many of the new technologies are designed to make the manufacturing segment better. The best example will be the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century. Right from cotton spinning wheels to the railway engine, technology innovations of that particular period was meant to increase the production of products.

Fine. It is enough, isn’t it? Let us now focus on the impact of artificial intelligence in manufacturing technology in very recent times.

Take a few guesses. How can recent technology help the manufacturing industry? Shall we note down a few benefits?

  • The new technology (AI) will help design better products
  • It will bring a significant reduction in case of unplanned downtime
  • Promote employee safety

You are right. We plan to include more points in this article. Now, let us focus on the benefits of implementing AI in manufacturing technology.

Maintenance of Equipment

Let us imagine, you are an entrepreneur in Mumbai having computer parts manufacturing business. So, you have a workshop with machinery and equipment. And you get orders by the dozen. In any business, you need to adhere to the deadlines. There are times, when equipment or machine may malfunction or falter. In such situations, you find difficulty in completing the order and deadline. If AI programs are implemented in the machine, you can get alerts stating that the equipment is going to malfunction. You can then take precautionary steps and there will be no unplanned downtime.

Predictive maintenance in the manufacturing industry is another new that has assumed prominence after AI in manufacturing industry has become popular.

Quality Maintenance

Gone were the days, when families used to stay loyal to a brand. For example, your grandfather used to buy only Godrej products. But with the increase in many companies in every industry sector, the trend has changed. Even big companies have to maintain high levels of quality in their products.

It is the time of social media. And a product, if found defective and posted on social media, it can sound the death knell of a particular brand. And as a customer, you also have to understand the manufacturing company’s perspective. Every worker, in any industry, will always work to the best. It is just, human errors happen. Without purpose. And it is the quality of products that may take a hit.

So, programs of artificial intelligence in manufacturing industry will help produce products to the T. These programs or robots can do the same job again and again with the same precision.


Checking of Materials

A change in raw material can also result in low-quality products. A human can err in identifying such products. But, an AI can identify the inequalities and give the exact result. But implementing artificial intelligence programs in the manufacturing of products, you can get products of high quality.




Well, well and well. Yes, we are coming to your thoughts. There is a statement that artificial intelligence will take off many humans off their jobs. It is true to a certain extent. Now, please do not panic. All the jobs that have been taken in countries such as Japan are low-level manual jobs. And it involves doing the same task again and again. For example, you will have to press a button after a certain product gets completed. This job is easy and can be completed by a robot. Fine?

Also, think of the other benefits. There are certain areas in manufacturing industries where humans work in dangerous circumstances and environment. An AI robot can work in certain conditions. So, technology innovation is always for the better.

In short, robots will certainly enter the job market, but there will exist perfect co-ordination between the robot and human workers. Got the point?


As said before, any new technology will always give benefits to mankind. And yes, even the products will get better. For example, in the home improvement industry, it is home automation products that are the talk of the town. If you have bought a smart washing machine, you can order via voice to stop the washing process. And if the wash has completed, you can get the alert in your mobile.

How about a case study that gives the benefit of artificial intelligence in the future? Suppose you are a resident of Mumbai and have a laptop which needs maintenance. You fear that a virus has got installed and is slowing down the performance of the laptop. You have tried every DIY method in the book. But the problem persists. In recent times, how will you hire the expert skilled in laptop service in Mumbai? You will download the app of companies offering doorstep services and then hire the qualified, verified professional in their vendor support team. The vendor comes to your house and fixes the problem.

Did you notice the change? You wanted to hire an expert only the performance of the laptop decreased. In the future, every laptop may have an AI program which will send an alert to your mobile if it needs maintenance or if there is an unwanted virus installed on the computer.

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