How to enable trust wallet browser | DApps Browser

How to enable trust wallet browser | DApps Browser

How to Enable DApp Browser on Trust Wallet

A decentralized application is an app in which you can operate a blockchain network of computers instead of relying on a single computer. And also apps create an innovative space for users to which is safe and resilient.

In the decentralized app the one system has many operating screens or in other word have many authorizations and all the operators can perform various tasks at the same time.

The user may create many tools with the DApps platform.

What is Trust Dapp browser?

Trust DApp browser is a web3 browser in that users can easily operate and manage easily with the help of a secure connection between users and particular apps.

The trust browser is a barrier where the user can rely upon the browser and create an innovative software ecosystem and the user could perform all the tasks with security and at the same time.

Trust app browser and decentralized app both can be easily operated from a phone with some additional settings after installing the app and with few changes easy to use from various sources.

The trust browser and decentralized apps are easy to use once you get an idea about how it works and how to perform all activities and how to manage.

Why is Dapps not working? trust://browser_enable

As per new guidelines in ios devices, the app browser is removed from the ios device on the trust wallet. To use a trust wallet chrome with apps users are required to make some additional changes for it to get access to their apps on their phone. If users try to open the DApps on the device there will be an error while trying to login in. Without enabling the service won’t be accessible on a device.

There are three methods we discussed to launch the apps in devices whether it is android or ios, in android the process is simple to launch the apps, also in ios the process is simple but has extra steps. In iOS, there are two methods mentioned, one with a safari browser and the other with the help of pancake swap.

Steps to start trust browser on android phone:

This is applicable for android and ios users. If users don’t have trust browser download as the step is a method. Some steps will vary in android and ios, but it is easy to download.

  • Search trust browser from a local browser
  • Click on the download button
  • Enter captcha or other verification and then install Dapp on the smartphone
  • after installation fillup, some formality details on a Dapp while signing in
  • Create a profile and some account verification details then ready to use the daps with the help of trust DApp browser

Steps to activate/run apps on trust browser

After installation and the other formalities are done with the browser follow this step to launch the apps:

  • Complete the profile and other setup details as required
  • Click on the setting button, the setting but will be located at the bottom right corner click on it find setting options from there
  • In setting choose the find preference option and click on it
  • A window will pop up on your screen and select the DApp browser
  • On the new page, there will be options ENABLE and CLEAR BROWSER CACHE. Click on the enable and select on to run the apps

This step will help users to launch the apps on any android device. In Some devices, might there is a change then find settings and select the further options as mentioned above?

For ios, this setting will vary.

Steps to activate/run apps on trust browser enable in ios device:

In iOS to use the dapps with a trusted browser is pretty complicated and a little confusing too. Here are steps to run Dapps in a trusted wallet easily explained with all details in simple languages. Go through this point and follow the mentioned point the apps will start.

  • Open default browser and then paste this exact same link


  • If any notification doesn’t appear below the search bar click on the search button
  • In the browser, below the search bar, a message will appear when you paste the link. The notification says open this page in trust and there will be two options below this open and cancel
  • Click on the open option
  • When you click on the open option enable the DApp browser or DApps platform.
  • Select the app you want to run and then continue the further process.

Above mentioned steps in detail:

  1. As mentioned above, open the default browser, but we will suggest you open safari and follow further steps on it. In chrome on ios devices, while launching the browser it may not work and shows some kind of error at the end. To launch the DApp browser in a bar effortlessly and without any complication select the safari browser.
  2. Open the safari browser and paste the link “trust://browser_enable”. In safari, we suggest you not to type enable trust wallet browser or any other keywords that would direct you to the page of the trust browser and the steps will increase to and some additional settings will also be included in the process, so copy the quoted link in the safari browser to reduce steps and avoid any compilation to launch the browser. Make sure you copy the exact same link to avoid any confusion.
  3. At the bottom of the search bar if any of the notifications/messages do not pop up then click on the search button. After pasting the link on the search bar, below the search bar there will be a notification window that pops up and has mentioned  “OPEN” and “CANCEL” with both options. Select the open option to run the browser in your ios. If you accidentally click on the cancel button then there is no need to worry about it, paste the link again in the browser and next time click on open. The open and cancel is just for the consent of the user, that this browser will not run without your permission.
  4. When you click on open. Your trust wallet page will appear. It will also enable the Dapps in the browser. Now the DApp is accessible to you. At the bottom of the page, the icon has named a browser.

Things you need to know about the browser are missing from the bottom of the page.

If the browser is not present at the bottom then follow this step again with a few changes to launch the apps in the browser

If the browser is present at the bottom then find your DApp from there and continue to use it in the trust browser. As you login in now, you have the authority to swap your exchange in tokens. To swap the tokens in exchange you can use BNB.

Method 2 with the help of pancake swap

If you are not able to run decentralized apps on your ios device with the first method then this method will help you to solve this issue. The method has some extra steps to follow to launch the decentralized apps.

Follow these simple steps if you are not able to launch Dapps with the first method

  1. Search pancake swap now click on the first link you find or directly visit their official website. You can do this on any of your browsers, safari, chrome, or other you like to use.
  2. Visit their official website and find the connect option link, the button will be at the top navigation bar. Click on it.
  3. When you click on connect button the new window names and connect to a window will pop up in your device and from that window select. and the wallet connects option.
  4. When you select the connection the new window will pop up and have a message as open in thrust with two options open or cancel. select the open button from it.
  5. After that then a new page will appear on your screen device with a connect button on it. If the connect button is not present then you have to close the app and follow the mentioned step again
  6. If the connect button appears on your screen, click on it, the pancake swap will land you a trusted wallet.


Question 1. Do I need to install the trust browser for the DApps?

Yes, you need to install a trusted browser first to get access to your device, after the installation has been done as per your device ios or android, You have to follow the steps mentioned above to get enable to options of using Dapps in the trust browser

Question 2. Does DApps work directly in the trusted browser without any additional changes?

No, Dapps will directly not work on your phone without any additional changes. If you try to log in without these steps it will show you an error every time. To get access to DApps platform on your phone you have to follow some steps to enable it on your phone.

Question 3. In IOS can I use chrome to open a trusted browser?

In the pancake method, you can use the other browser but in the first method, you have to use the Safari browser. We suggest you use the Safari browser in the pancake method also to get access for the first time without any trouble in login.

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