Important Facts About Surrogacy Process

Important Facts About Surrogacy Process

Some Important Facts About Surrogacy Process:

Parenting is a beautiful aspect of a person’s life. Modern time proposes many new ways for parents to enjoy this joyful moment. IVF, surrogacy are some of the methods for pregnancy. Along with this, adoption is another way to enjoy parenting. Many people are still not aware of the concept of surrogacy. Some women surrogate baby of other parents whereas, some carry their child in the womb. There are various conditions anticipated for selecting a surrogate.

  • Surrogate needs to be in good health
  • Free from infectious ailments
  • Medically fit
  • Consent

All the medical expenses bear by the parents and women have a complete right to the baby. After consent, women are no longer the legal mother but related in genetics way.

When is surrogacy advised?

Many people are facing physical issues while engaging in a sexual relationship with partners. Hence, such problems create problems in pregnancy due to poor quality of sperm or issues with maternal health. Medical experts define some more situations under which surrogacy option is prescribed.

  • If a uterus is missing or has a problem from birth
  • Undeveloped vagina and uterine system
  • Past miscarriages or undiagnosed infertility treatment failure
  • Serious health problems like diabetes, hypertension, acute heart or kidney problems

In all such situations, parents contact other women – carry their children in her womb. It helps in giving birth to their child where either of the parents is biologically related.

Facts a mother should know 

Surrogacy brings a special moment in a parent’s life. Many women are having children through medical intervention. The interesting facts about surrogacy are as follow:

There are two forms of surrogacy Process:

Traditional and gestational. Traditional surrogacy is artificial insemination of women with a father’s sperm or donor sperm. Women carry the baby on terms and are also known as the biological mother of the child. On the other hand, gestational surrogacy is done through IVF. The mother’s eggs are collected and fertilized by the sperm of the father. Such egg is further placed in the gestational surrogate uterus for the birth. The parents are genetically related to the baby and least complex as well.

Surrogacy is performed due to some medical reasons. The most common reasons why surrogacy is performed are the absence of the uterus, a significant uterine anomaly, absolute medical contraindication to pregnancy, or the biological inability to carry a child.

A surrogate any be anyone:

whether a friend or a stranger. Parents have plenty of options but many people suggested that it should be the close relative. It helps eliminate the complex legal procedure. There are some agencies as well who find the gestational for the parents.

The contract is involved in the surrogacy process:

a legal signature is important for both the parties which involve consent and mutual agreement. The laws may vary from state to state or nation to nation. So, before engaging in such a procedure, both parties need to read all terms and conditions.

Surrogacy makes a complete family

Surrogacy helps in making a complete family. People are looking for many ways to get a family – now they get what they want. With the evolution of technology, parents can now afford medical intervention and enjoy parenthood. If you’re facing any issue, then surrogacy is the best way for you.

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