Top Ten Gadgets that You Should Check Out

Top Ten Gadgets that You Should Check Out

Nowadays, with some many gadgets catering to so many things, it’s almost hard to keep up. Your phone alone can do all sorts of things, from turning your sprinklers on in your front yard to turning the oven off when the food inside is already cooked. Then there are TV sets that automatically turn on the moment you enter the room or air humidifiers to make the atmosphere more relaxing. These are just some gadgets that have made living life that much simpler and comparatively easier. But what about when it comes to safety? Are there gadgets are there to ensure that you stay safe all the time?

Fortunately, there are, and they’re home security systems to be precise. These aren’t you ordinary cameras and alarms, though. They’re actual hi-tech gadgets that do more than just record a video or sound an alarm. They make it possible for you to safeguard your home wherever you may be. Look into them and see which one/s you might like to install in your home.


Amazon Cloud Cam


Amazon is now more than just your ordinary retail shop and streaming platform. Now, they also offer their own brand of home security systems, one of which is their specially designed Cloud Cam. But what makes this different, some might argue even better than your ordinary security cameras is that you can stream the footage live on your phone or any other mobile gadget. Although it should be noted that this is an exclusively indoor security camera and should only be used as such.


August Smart Lock Pro


Did you know that your own phone can serve as the key to your home? When you install August Smart Lock Pro onto your doors, the security of your entire property rests within your fingertips. This way, you can control who goes to your house and which rooms he/she will have access to. And even when you do give access to your guests, you can set a time limit upon which he/she needs to adhere to. Else, by the time your clock strikes, the doors will be automatically locked again.


Bolt Door Lock


In the same vein, Bolt’s Door Locks also gives you the power to control the locks of your doors from your phone, but this time, it slightly gives more power to your family and friends. This is a great option when your house is full of stuff that belongs to other people and you’re just storing them in the meantime. Bolt’s Door Locks can allow you to share the same automatic locking power to other people, and you’ll be notified instantly when they use it in your home.


Buddy Guard Flare


As the name suggests, the Buddy Guard Flare is like have your own bodyguard, but a lot friendlier and less intimidating, hence the name. Although it’s quite small, it has a lot of powers in which it can protect your home. One of them is motion and sound detecting. The moment it hears or senses something or someone unfamiliar, it will automatically notify you via Bluetooth technology. Even better is that, since it is small, it’ll be easier to hide from intruders so that they won’t get a chance to destroy it.




Cocoon is like having a friend as your guard dog. Firstly, you can input some data and information as to who are the ones usually invited or allowed to stay near and inside your home. With this information, the security system can automatically give your family and friends access to your home, while safeguarding it from those unfamiliar beings. This way, you won’t have to ensure endless calls from your loved ones asking your permission to get access to your home when they need something out of it.


Haven Lock


Haven is an automated lock that will 100% ensure that your doors will stay locked when they’re supposed to. Although other similar gadgets have this ability, they’re usually set on the lock part of the door. This Haven gadget, on the other hand, is to be placed under the door to really lock it tight. Even when the intruder attempts to break down your door, he/she will have a much more difficult time doing so with this nifty gadget placed underneath the door.


Kibbi Monitoring System


Sometimes, security is all about monitoring what’s going on within the environment. With Kibbi, you can do so easily without having to physically be in the area yourself. This compact gadget already has a lot of features: a wide HD camera with night vision, motion detection, sound detection, temperature sensors, and the like. It takes on all the senses to really make sure that whoever or whatever is near your home, Kibbi can notify you of its presence immediately.


Nest Secure Starter Kit


Never underestimate the power of a good alarm system. As primitive as it may seem, alarms are still incredibly effective when it comes to securing your home. What more when it’s made more hi-tech than usual, as is the case for Nest Secure. This isn’t your ordinary security alarm system. It has a motion detector, HD camera, temperature sensor, and more. It even still has that classic feature of sounding off the alarm when a door is opened when it shouldn’t be! Nothing ever beats a classic, even when it’s innovated for the 21st century.


Novi Smoke Detector

It’s one thing to keep intruders out, it’s a whole other case when you have to safeguard the people inside as well. And when it comes to homes, the often means fire safety. Fortunately, the Novi Smoke Detector is a hi-tech variation of the classic home feature. not only can it sense heat and smoke, but it also has a camera to show you where it’s coming from. And since you can connect it to your smartphone, you can quickly notify anyone and everyone when there’s a possible fire in your home!


SimpliSafe Home Security System


Safety has to be, apart from everything else, simply. And with the SimpliSafe Home Security System, it can be. Firstly, it’s extremely affordable, costing only about a couple of hundred bucks which, compared to other gadgets of its caliber, is a great deal already. It’s also easy to set up, and in no time, you’ll feel a lot safer already. This is due to its wide HD camera and strong censoring features that can detect any strange presence and occurrences as fast as it can.

These gadgets can save your life if you let them! Learn more about them and see how they can keep you, your family, and property safe from harm!

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