How to Fix Error 97 SMS Origination Denied? Why does it Occur?

How to Fix Error 97 SMS Origination Denied? Why does it Occur?

How to Fix Error 97 SMS Origination Denied? Why does it Occur?

In today’s fast-forward world, people spontaneously want to share stuff, and their ideas via the internet, but some still like to use text messages. The only phone that you can use this feature on is an Android phone. But as we face issues while using the internet, just like that, android users face issues while sending SMS. When you connect two Android phones with SIM cards, you can send SMS messages between them. However, some people are still having problems with error 97 SMS origination denied on Android. Here’s what you should do.

Messages with an error 97 SMS origination denied are not very common. You may be experiencing this issue when using an SMS app, your phone, or your carrier. All phone models, including the Motorola G6 and Pixel 2, or all pages, including Verizon and AT&T, can suffer from this problem. There is always a solution, no matter what the cause, what phone you use, or what carrier you use.

What is Error 97 SMS Origination Denied?

Well, the Error 97 SMS specifically occurs in any Android device. It does n’t matter which phone you’re using. Till it isn’t proven that what’s the factual reason behind the Verizon cause law 97. Perhaps you used the dereliction messaging app or any other messaging app. It does n’t matter. So follow the way below.

Why error 97 SMS occure ? What are the solution for error 97 SMS ?

There is no specific cause for this error code to occur on Android. It seems natural that this is mostly a matter of the SMS app because other users have experienced it. Utilizing a particular SMS app does not have any noticeable benefits or drawbacks. The Messages app on your phone or a third-party SMS app, such as True caller, might come in handy. Neither solution differs from the other. What to do if you receive the error 97 SMS origination denied on Android?

Based on the analysis of the error 97 SMS origination, we have determined two possible causes:

1. Cache Error 97 SMS:

The SMS app caches specific settings and configurations to decrease the time it takes to load and help make the experience smooth. The cache data, however, might become corrupt after some time and trigger the error.

2. Corrupt Data:

There might be times when SMS app data becomes corrupted and causes failures. System processes can fail due to this corrupted data, which results in a stoppage of text message sending.

In light of the information mentioned above, you should now have an idea of the probable cause of Error 97; the solutions we might consider are as follows. Now we will tell you how you can stop this error step by step.

Solutions for Error 97 SMS Code

Now, let’s start and get to know the complete details about error 97 SMS.

By clearing all unnecessary caches, the cache issue is resolved.

Clearing the cache should fix this problem, which is probably due to the cache itself. Having difficulty clearing the SMS app’s cache is as simple as removing the browser cache. It’s easy; just follow these steps.

Step 1 to solve error 97 SMS

The first step is to open System Settings from either the notification panel by tapping the gear icon that appears on the top or from the app drawer by tapping the Settings icon.

Step 2 to fix error 97 SMS

Next, go into Settings and find Applications, or Apps, depending on what smartphone you have. Simply tap it.

Step 3 to Fix error 97 SMS origination denied

Then tap on Messages in the list of applications.

Step 4 to solve 97 SMS error

If the messaging app is hidden, you might not be able to locate it. When that is the case, you will need to tap on the three dots menu icon, which appears on the right side, and select Show System Apps.

Step 5 to troubleshooting error 97 SMS

You must now tap on Storage within the settings page of your message app.

Step 6 fixing 97 SMS error on mobile

You now have to tap the Clear Cache button and wait until it has finished.

Step 7 error 97 SMS

Boot your phone and send SMS messages. Now your error 97 sms has been solved.

So, these are the essential steps that you need to follow to clear your cache. Verizon cause code 97 can be resolved by following the steps mentioned above. Now let’s move on to clear data.

Is there anything you need to do to clear your data so that your SMS error 97 will disappear?

Clearing the cache and data should fix the problem if clearing the cache wasn’t enough. As with clearing the cache, clearing data is similar. Following these simple steps will help you.

Click on the Settings button. Go to the Applications section. Go to the Apps menu. Choose your messages. Click on the Storage tab. Clear your data by selecting the Clear Data button. Force Stop the Android Messages App Stopping your SMS will prevent you from getting absurd messages, and you can also quickly fix the error 97 SMS. You can use it by following these steps

You can change your settings by clicking Settings.

  1. Go to the Applications section.
  2. Choose an app from the list.
  3. Click the Tap Messages button.
  4. To stop, tap Force Stop. If the error continues to occur, try re-opening the Messages app.

You can configure your Messages App to store data.

Go to the Settings menu. Click on Apps under the Applications tab. Visit the Messages page. Permissions will open when you tap. Make sure Storage is enabled by turning it on.

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