Why You Should Start a YouTube Channel

Why You Should Start a YouTube Channel

Since it’s development in February 2005, the video-sharing platform-YouTube’s success has sky-rocketed with it transforming into a billion-dollar company and receiving millions and billions of visitors every day during this techworld. The Google-owned company has drastically evolved over the years and is well-loved by everyone in the online community.

With any and everyone flocking to the website and application daily, the platform is the place to be if you want to watch trailers, music videos, documentaries, films, vlog and various other diverse content. It has even started Premium Subscriptions and even let’s one upload Live videos and Stories. The platform also gives viewers a chance to engage with options such as Like, Comment, Subscribe, Share and many more.

YouTube is an amazing platform to be on, not only as a viewer but also as a content creator. If you think you have something to offer that people will want to watch, you should definitely start uploading your own videos. If you are still not sure about being a Youtuber, here are 5 reasons why you should start your own Shahatechworld YouTube Channel:

1. Creativity:

YouTube is a platform that will surely push you and your creativity to your limits. If you want to last on the platform you will always have brain-storming creative and unique ways to create videos and stand out. With tough competition you explore and learn new skills. Whatever theme your channel revolves around you will find yourself thoroughly researching and practicing all about it to give you an edge compared to other users. Not only that but you will have to adopt skills like video-recording, editing, story-making and good communication skills to create your videos.


2. Community:

YouTube is built around a tight-knit community and having a YouTube channel will definitely help you build a social life full of support. With your viewers always being there and protecting your back, you won’t have to worry about harsh people since for every single mean comment that you receive, you will have 10 supporters defending you. You will also find yourself engaging with other YouTubers since it is quite common to collaborate on the platform. You will find yourself meeting like-minded people who are into the same niche as you and will help you expand your horizons about your field.


3. Entertainment:

As a YouTuber you will barely worry about boring, free time as you will always be busy trying out new and adventurous stuff that’ll keep your schedule full. You will find that making those videos will mean fun times as you get to be free and get the chance to do stuff you like. You will find new sources of entertainment as you attempt to make your videos entertaining for your viewers and find yourself on a fun journey with a lot of amusement along the way.


4. Money:

Money is one of the perks that a successful YouTuber gets to have. You get paid for not only the views your video and the ads on your videos get, but you also get new sources of income. Based on your subscriber and view count, you will find yourself being approached by brands who want you to promote their products on your channel. You will also find a lot of doors in the entertainment and media industry being opened for you. You also can start your own business by selling your own merch or products.


5. Freedom:

The freedom that comes to you when you have a good channel can’t be ignored. Not only do you get the chance to be financially self-dependent or independent but you don’t have to worry about working under someone else as you are your own boss and can create your own schedule. You also get to travel a lot with other companies paying for your travel and even get to go on tours. And when times get rough, your viewers support you so you don’t have to depend on somebody else.

YouTube definitely has a lot of perks and can open new doors for you by changing your life. So now that you have been given reasons to start uploading content, what are you waiting for? Go get a camera and start recording!

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